projects we have
worked on

New football franchise model
Definition and management of a new football facility in USA with ultimate methodology, technology, experiences, and education.
Women's Football events tour
Gathering leaders from different areas in the women's football industry to build projects together.
Scholarships for girls' Academy
Own project to reduce drop out in women's sport by enhancing football and education, while adding industry professionalization.
Education project in sport and values
New concept of sports education training academy that includes technology in an optimal environment for youth development.
Performance and injury prevention case study for women's football
Analysis of sport tech devices to find the ideal sensor, increase performance and prevent injuries in women's and youth football.
Design a fully digital women's football club
Creation of the first women's full digital club and monitoring of all area processes until fully achieve it.
International coaches' development
Tailored made on-site programs for Women's Football Federations to enhance their professional level.
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